South Beach Tanning Company offers its clients only the best
equipment on the market today. Tanners want results; and our
equipment delivers, even for the most serious tanners.

South Beach Tanning Company has partnered with the leaders
in the tanning industry to secure not only the best available
equipment, but the best possible prices for its equipment.
SBTC take a custom approach to its selection of only the
top, state of the art equipment available. Every year our
technicians evaluate all of the available equipment from
the leading manufacturers and then makes a decision as
to which units from each category will position SBTC
ahead of the competition. This results in a unique mix
of equipment designed to be highly competitive and
reaches a broader segment of the market. Further,
this strategy leaves SBTC with the ability to adapt
to the advances and changes in the industry
faster and more efficiently that its competition.